Walter Röhrl celebrates Porsche silver anniversary

25 years ago, a contract was signed that, in the intervening years, has turned into a real affair of the heart for both parties: all those years ago, Porsche enlisted the four-time winner of the Monte Carlo Rally and two-time Rally World Cham-pion as a developer and representative. By 1993, Walter Röhrl was already looking back on an eventful relationship with Porsche. His first car was a used Porsche 356, and after that a Porsche 911 always featured in his private collection. In 1977, his personal 911 rally car paved the way for a contract with the Fiat team and by 1981, Walter Röhrl was sitting at the starting line of the German Rally Championship in a Porsche 924.

Even at this point in his exceptional rally career, Röhrl was involved in the development of the Porsche 959 super sports car and the all-wheel drive technology for the Porsche 964. When the contract was signed at the beginning of 1993 to engage him as a rep-resentative and development driver, there was one condition: Röhrl would ensure that former chairman Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking “was always told the unvarnished truth about new developments.” Since then, Röhrl has participated in the development and fine-tuning of several milestone launches – from the 959 and the Carrera GT to the 918 Hybrid, all 911 and GT versions as well as the Porsche Panamera. The 70-year-old from Regensburg abides by the old agreement to this day. Walter Röhrl always says what he thinks: “I have learnt a very important lesson during my time at Porsche: the top handling performance that we demand from a sports car when pushed to the limits is about more than what professional drivers need. Ideally, the sports car must be easy to control for ordinary drivers, too.”

  • Walter Röhrl and the Porsche 911 GTS
  • Walter Röhrl and the Porsche 911 GTS

Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board at Porsche AG, explains: “At Porsche, we don’t just need to thank Walter Röhrl for his unique 25 years of loyalty as a repre-sentative and advisor, but also for his expressions, which have long since become aphorisms. I like this one: ‘a garage without a Porsche 911 is just a dark hole’.”

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